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We are dedicated to ensuring the highest quality of 100% pure, natural essential oils, from the planting and growing of our plants, to the harvesting, and the distillation and testing.
Our long growing season with long summer days and short cool nights provides the perfect growing conditions for our crops.
DTSC uses a PAC-based, one-of-a-kind, automated distillation control system to give the most consistent quality control in the industry. We can accurately monitor and record all aspects of the extraction, improving our understanding of distillation.  This has allowed us to increase efficiency with new technology and to deliver a more consistent product to our customers.  Of course, we are also constantly looking for ways to improve this method and have made major changes to the industry's normal procedures.
Dill Oil can be blended in our facility in a completely natural procedure to give the customer a specific blend and consistent product.
Our Distillation Facility is Kosher Certified.
A 300,000 bushel grain handling system with an automated aeration system is used by DTSC to handle and store the grains, oilseeds and other crops produced on the farm.
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